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Unlike no other detailer or finishing polish, HyperShine contains durable, water repelling and scratch resistant resins that are chemically bonded to the film / surface interface within a ceramic-like polymeric matrix.  Simply wipe on a clean paint, glass, metal and plastic surface, allow the chemistry to unfold, and then enjoy the shine!

No longer is there a need to wax or seal and then protect with continuous applications of a detailer or polishing glaze.  Instead, by applying HyperShine the paint finish is waxed, polished and sealed in one step with a gloss normally associated with expensive, hard to apply, carnauba pastes. In addition, all other surfaces that require constant cleaning and can benefit from soil repelling treatments, like interior paneling, are easily enhanced and protected.

Sprayed on, wiped down and polished clear,HyperShine coats the surface with a soft shimmering glow that is encased in a glass-like micro-coating. 100% solvent free, HyperShine will never cause streaking or staining of plastics and is safe to use on any surface, inside or out of the vehicle. 

On interior surfaces like dashboards, paneling, fabric and textile, the coating seals in a like new look that will allow for the easiest cleaning while keeping the surface cleaner for much longer. In fact, when HyperShine is applied to finishes previously coated with HyperPolish or Ceramic Polymer Sealant, a nearly self-cleaning surface is provided as well as even greater reflectivity, fluidity, color and gloss!

Packaged in 32 ounce spray bottle, the HyperShine kit will provide 8-10 applications and includes:

  • 32 ounces of HyperShine Ultimate Detailer
  • 1 spray applicator
  • 2 microfiber cloths
  • 1 Warranty card with a 1 year money back guarantee of added paint gloss and protection.

* All of our coating products are guaranteed to perform from the date of purchase for at least the minimum amount of time as described or you are entitled to receive a full refund on the purchase price. Simply return all materials, including packaging, and your refund will be promptly sent.  No questions asked!

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  • Eliminates time and expense in washing your car by thoroughly cleaning and then depositing a water and grime repelling micro-coating fortified with advanced nanoparticle technology.
  • Utilizes advanced surfactant technology to dislodge road grime and dirt and deep clean the paint pores while imparting a glass like shine along with hydrophobic, anti-static nanoparticles.
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  • A wax replacement that provides a highly polished and smooth appearance on all surfaces, composite plastic, metal, as well as paint finishes.
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  • Reduces next time cleaning and makes vehicles coated with any Matrix Micro-Coatings car care coatings virtually self-cleaning.
  • One application lasts for months while each subsequent application is cumulative, each time adding to the gloss and protection of the coating.
  • Added gloss and protection guaranteed for a minimum of one (1) year.
Our Price: US$29.95

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